My Father

Today in Australia it is Father’s Day, a day that I am supposed to celebrating with my Dad. A day where I say thanks for everything he has done for me and will do in the future for me, but this year I cannot celebrate with my Dad. Instead all I can do is visit him rather than hug him. That is the hardest thing to do!

When I was younger and even just before his death he would always say that he would live to 90 years old and I would have to look after him in his old age, and I thought that would be true. My Dad was a hilarious man always making people laugh and always having a joke no matter the situation, and he would always be able to make people feel better. He would say embarrassing Dad jokes and would always do something to embarrass myself, my mum and my sister. Whatever he did in life he would do it to help make other people’s life better over his own. I remember on one occasion he informed me that he had chest pains and had had them since 3 am (this was 10am when he told me) and as a concerned son I said we will head to the Hospital and call mum on the way (she was shopping at the time). He blatantly refused to leave until my mum arrived home because he didn’t want to scare her. He literally put his love for my mum before his own health and didn’t care that I was going to call an Ambulance because he flatly refused to get in it if it turned up to our house.

He was the most caring, loving person I have ever met (I am not saying that because he was my Dad either). He genuinely cared for everybody and always gave them a second, third or fourth chance even if they didn’t deserve it. He is greatly missed and will be greatly missed for many years to come.


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