2017 in a year

This year my life has been a rollercoaster, from taking a year off of study and returning after six months, starting a food blog and having a mole removed that had a potential of cancer, I have learnt a far amount.

After the death of my Father in November 2016 (and even before November) I had decided to take a year off of studying to re-evaluate my life, and determine if I want to pursue a career in psychology. It only took me six months to decide that I want to study but I transferred to a Bachelor of Community and Human Services instead because I want to be more people orientated- potentially look at Community Development. This was the best decision I have made in my life because I am in a happier and better mind space. 2016, I learnt a lot about myself and realised that where I was living was a toxic place that was making me unhappy, it took time off of study and a change in environment to change my mood.

In March 2017, I started a food blog. Ever since I was little I have always loved cooking food and, of course, eating food but it was my mum and dad that made me fall in love with food (read the journey here). I want to step up my blog wiriting game but I need your help. This will not be possible without your support. All I ask is hit follow and read my blog posts, thats it. 



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