Homemade Nutella

A few months ago I made Nutella again (I have made it before). Unfortunately, I did not make my own recipe instead I used a recipe that I found online. This is more of a review of what I did and how it turned out rather than a recipe.

19808022_10207972785836819_401567108_oThe recipe was a pretty straight forward one that contained the typical ingredients that you would find in a Nutella.¬†They were: Canola oil, salt, cocoa powder, soft icing sugar, hazelnuts, chocolate (I used Lindt’s dessert chocolate- found in the baking isle), and vanilla essence. This recipe didn’t have condensed milk in it either.


The recipe called for the hazelnuts to be crushed in a food processor until they were completely processed as above, I then added the cocoa powder into the mixture a processed it again until is was combined.



I melted the chocolate in a metal bowl over boiling water until it was melted as above. This didn’t take me very long but I did burn myself a few times from the steam, Ooops!

I then aded the melted chocolate into the food processor and combined it again. You would now be thinking that it looks absolutely delicious, and I would agree, but once I placed it into the jar it started to go pear shaped.


I, for some reason, decided the best place for the chocolate spread was the fridge. I have no idea why and I can not for the life of me remember why but that was the wrong decision. If you decide to make this make sure it does not go into the fridge, as you will guess, it goes hard because of the chocolate (I had regret the next morning because it was so good before the fridge).

Overall, I would definitely would make this again in a heart beat. There is something about making homemade Nutella, knowing exactly what goes into the recipe and being able to enjoy this delicious spread guilt free because you know how much sugar is in the recipe.

I challenge you to have a try at making homemade Nutella and tweet your photos of your Nutella using the hashtag #gonutsfornutella.

Keep an eye out for more posts by following me on this food journey.


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