Why YouTube is not the place for cooking!

In previous blogs posts and in life in general, I have uttered the words that “YouTube is not the place for cooking”. I have for many years been watching people cook and bake in videos and have always thought that it is such a great platform for people to learn new techniques and improve but at the back of my mind has been one little thought, a thought that has deterred me from starting my own channel.

When watching a YouTube video you are watching something that has been manufactured to be aesthetically pleasing to watch, with fancy backgrounds and ability to cut out and re-film the mistakes that you made, but I personally believe, that this does not teach you how to cook.  When I am cooking or baking I make a mistake usually resulting in having to start over again if I cannot fix it, it happens to everyone. My problem with YouTube cooking and baking videos is, just like mainstream media, we are forced to be able to cook perfectly with no mistakes because of what we see in videos and on television.

I believe that this comes from the impression that people who make YouTube videos are a brand that they have to uphold, an act if you will that has to act, talk and be a vision just like a celebrity. Now, don’t get me wrong when I talk about this, YouTube is bringing out the next set of celebrities that people look up to and admire. It is people, who at the end of the day were just like you and me, people who find comfort in making videos out of their family home bedroom.

I commend the people who make videos online and have found comfort in what they do, but for me a cooking or baking channel gives the impression that all people have to be perfect cooks because that is how videos are shown online and ultimately it is making people not want to cook.

So, my challenge for you is to come out of your comfort zone and start to cook or bake and don’t be scared to make mistakes, it is a part of growing up!

Comment below if you have been made to feel this way.

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*This is my own opinion and does not reflect any affiliations

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