Humble beginnings to go to cookbooks

In life, many people have cookbooks that they use to make extravagant food or to just put something together for dinner that is quick and easy. You may be using a cookbook that is a few years old that has newer recipes, but my cookbook isn’t new or up-to-date with recipes. Instead my cookbook is vintage and old school, you may be thinking 20 years old. If you guessed less than 20 years, you would be wrong the cookbook is from the 1960’s.

Cookery the Australian way. *Copyright Eating with Nick

I learnt to cook with this cookbook, it is the same one my Mum learnt from when she was at school. It is the ever faithful Cookery the Australian Way. It is the cookbook that has been through everything and has been the basis for everything that I have learnt in cooking. A few years ago it was that broken and torn that I had to get the contact out and fix it because it was in two, this cookbook is more than a book for me, it is the first thing I go to for recipes because I know it will have tried and tested recipes.

Cookery the Australian way. *Copyright Eating with Nick

I always remember making the simple recipes such as the foundation cake recipe, one of the first things everyone learns to cook to now making Turkish delight and pavlova in recent years. The book covers everything from “family finances” to “kitchen management” and “meal service”. It served as the food technology classes in the 1960’s/1970’s and ensured you were equipped with the knowledge to cook and care for your family and where you also learnt about diet and nutrition in its most basic form.

I was talking to my Mum about it the other day and she was saying that she never really learnt anything from it and that food technology was not like it is today. It made me wonder about the differences we have in life today compared to back in the 1960’s/1970’s. The book does not cover things like gluten free or MSG foods, it covers the old fashioned food. When you think about it, food has come a long way in 50 years, we are now changing the way we eat because our bodies are rejecting foods that contain gluten or dairy. It is a vast difference between the two generations ¬†and the way we have become creative with food.

If anyone watches Masterchef Australia, you would of seen Andy Bowdy’s “Rita” cake a concoction that was made and named after his Grandmother.

Andy Bowdy’s cake “Rita” as seen on Masterchef Australia. *Photo courtesy of TenPlay

The cake took 4.5 hours to create and inevitably would send someone home at the end. While I watching the episode I was thinking of how cakes have progressed from the humble sponge cake filled with jam and cream to beautiful cakes like the one above. The way we cook now is not the same and never will be the same, it will be good to see what comes next in the culinary and baking world and I would love to be part of that change in some capacity.

If you have a cookbook that is your go to cookbook, comment below and put what your favourite recipe is from it.

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