I need your help.

Previously, I have spoken about my love of food and the connections that were made when I was younger but lately I have been finding that I am not feeling as connected as before, and I keep thinking of my Dad since he died because he helped me learn to cook.

With that being said I want to take my cooking to another level but I feel restricted in the social media that I am using and I want something that includes you live and instantaneous rather than filmed and perfected. Is there any social media sites that allow for instantaneous connection through either video and/or media (similar to twitter)?

I have always wanted to start a YouTube video but I want to come across as myself rather than a carbon copy that is manipulated to seem like my life is perfect, because it isn’t.  I want to be able to create a video whenever I like and not feel weighed down by certain expectations and show that mistakes happen while cooking but they still work out.

Do you know a social media platform that has these instantaneous connections? If so, comment below.

Til next time,




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