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Ever since I was a little kid at the age of 6, I have been cooking and baking meals and desserts to share with my family.

The first thing I learnt to bake was a packet cake mix around the age of 6 (with the help of Mum) which hooked me into wanting to cook, and my parents would encourage me to try new things and to have a go no matter what the final outcome, be it good or bad as long as I was trying and learning.
Once I had mastered the cakes, I started to experiment more with food and went on to cook for the family. I started cooking meat and vegetables which was a good starting point but it got old quickly and I wanted to cook something more exciting, that is when I started to read cookbooks and asking Mum and Dad if I could cook on Friday night wanting to learn and expand my knowledge.

One of the first things I remember making was spaghetti and meatballs, they took ages to roll but I was proud that I was able to make something for my family that tasted alright, well at least I think it tasted alright! I then started to explore with my own flavours changing or adding flavours to already made recipes trying to put my own touch to the recipes.

Fast forward to now and I am cooking food from scratch and adding flavours that work together, I think my experiences I had when I was younger has helped me now. It is not unusual for my Mum to leave me to make something and finding food cooked on the table when she gets home from work be it chicken schnitzels or steak, put it in front of me and I will be able to make something nice.

This blog is a way of me sharing recipes that I have found as well add my own recipes that I have made over the years.

Feel free to follow me on twitter @eatingwithnick.
I look forward to sharing my recipes with you.

Til next time,

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